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Future Writer & Illustrator

Aaliyah R.
Age 8

See what our fans have to say!

My daughter is 7 years old. Pu Beach let her know that she can do anything. She didn’t like to read, because she had a problem with reading. She now says I can tell my friends they can, when they think they can’t. Since my daughter started reading Pu Beach, her teacher says she is reading better and is participating more in class. My daughter reads Pu Beach over and over and she wants more books by Jacqueline Hortten.
-Sandra Green

My 7 year old son read Pu Beach every night to my 5 year old son…for at least a month. My 7 year old likes to dramatize when he reads.
-Donna Johnson

My daughter (eight years of age) enjoyed reading Pu Beach. She said that she likes the title, too.

My granddaughter loved the book. She enjoyed reading it. She felt encouraged to read more. She was at a lower level of reading before reading Pu Beach and now she’s at the top of her class.
-Kim Dancy

I bought several books and gave them to children of a variety of ages. Some of the children have handicaps and special challenges. All of them have enjoyed the book (Pu Beach) and have been inspired by the story.
-Lorie Barnhill

I gave the book Pu Beach to my 11 year old grandson. He was very pleased. He started to read it at once. He even completed a homework assignment, using the book.
-Fannie Cunningham

*TCBS has within it’s possession, written, signed, and dated statements from each of the above claimants. Sporadic paraphrasing is applied for clarification.

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