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Future Writer & Illustrator

Aaliyah R.
Age 8

Motivational Speaking
by Jacqueline Hortten

TCBS will participate in speaking engagements at no cost to orphanges and children's groups at hospitals. TCBS will accept requests requiring travel distances up to 50 mile radius (from TCBS predetermined base). Requests requiring greater distances than a 50 mile radius will require special consideration, and there may need to be a fee attached to cover travel/lodging expenses. Speaking engagements unrelated to orphanages and children's groups at hospitals carry the following fees:

• 15 min to 30 min engagements: $ 99.95
• 31 min to 60 min engagements: $ 199.95

TCBS' time at each event will be predetermined and TCBS must recieve full payment accordingly, at the time of booking the event.

If TCBS spends less than 15 minutes at an event (by fault of TCBS' client/s), there will be an arrival charge of $25 paid to TCBS.


• Interviews and other unspecified engagements will be negotiated.
• TCBS asks that chaperones are present at all times during the event.
• TCBS requests that there be one adult chaperone present for every 25 juvenile members at the event.
• Please schedule one month in advance (preferred).
• Cancellations less than 14 days before the event carries a 10% charge of the event package cost.

Terms for Events

TCBS will not be responsible for the childcare (chaperoning/monitoring). TCBS is only available for activities direction & entertainment.

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