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Ph: (804) 601-0707

Future Writer & Illustrator

Aaliyah R.
Age 8

Jacqueline Hortten

A writer and illustrator of motivational children's literature.


Jacqueline Hortten, author of several published works of poetry (All in a Vessel, Red Children, Cries, The Eighth Wonder, Here Speaks, and To Be Borne), has written (and illustrated) twelve motivational books for children, as well as other writings and works of poetry that will also be published.

Daughter to John and Kathryn, and sister to her brother Marcus... Jacqueline being born into a military family has lived in various locations in the U.S., and once abroad.

Ms. Hortten, a multiple award-winning writer, is a member of "The International Society of Poets".

  photo of Jacquiline Hortten
Personal Proverb:
The fountain of youth is found in the words of your mouth, so speak words of Life and live.
Scriptural Proverb:
Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. - Proverbs 18:21 (OT)

About the Children's Bookshoppe Stop


TCBS is rooted in a vision to encourage children everywhere to courageously face life's challenges. TCBS is also rooted in a heartfelt desire that together, families will enjoy reading these poetic, colorful expressions of inspiration, these motivational books for children.

I, Jacqueline Hortten, President, owner and founder of "The Children's Bookshoppe Stop", have created 12 motivational books for school age children. These books present children from various backgrounds. Illustrated characters possess various abilities as well as disabilities. These characters face a variety of challenges. My books teach children to not be prone to giving up, but to strive to reach goals by putting forth their best effort, no matter what the challenge may be.

In this series, each book has a gift page whereby one can personalize each encouraging book. In addition, there are a few more lines available for a note.

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