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Future Writer & Illustrator

Aaliyah R.
Age 8
Scene From an Upcoming Book

PU Beach
by Jacqueline Hortten



Pu Beach is the first book in a series of twelve motivational books for children. This book and the other books of this series evolve from a desire to encourage children everywhere to face life's challenges. It is also rooted in a heartfelt desire that together, the entire family will enjoy these colorful expressions of inspiration.


Come visit Pu Beach. It's a distant island somewhere far away in the ocean. Meet Niki. She's a little girl who wants to become a great teacher, just like her father. Learn what things Niki must learn before she too can become a great teacher.




I sincerely dedicate Pu Beach to the children who were enrolled in the special needs program in the Onslow County School System in Jacksonville, North Carolina, during the time I was employed in this school system. These are the children who helped inspire me to write this book and several more books that follow. God bless you all.

Behind the Book

I write about what I love and I love the beach. I love the ocean and the open air. Drawing the picture of Pu Beach places me right in my element... in or near water. Not only do I love the beach, the ocean and the open air, but I love the beauty of the mountains and the tall, slender ebony trees.

I once live on an island which is located in the Pacific Ocean. I lived there for two years. I arrived there when I was seven years old and I left the island at the age of nine. The island I lived on is very findable and one could actually visit by travel. The island of "Pu" and its beach "Pu Beach" can be visited also; however, one's method of travel is through poetic reading and colorful expression. Through this method of travel one could meet the people of Pu, perhaps "Puians".

Pu Beach,... cocoa nuts, sailboats, fish, palmtrees... a secluded getaway; it's home to Niki. She's the young island girl who admires her father, who is a wonderful teacher. She wants to become a teacher just like her father.

When I lived on an island, I remember a lady who was called "The sew-girl". Her real name was Ms. "Fumi". She made beautiful clothes for me (My mother, Kathryn, also a seamstress prior to and after that time also made clothes for me, but she took up a couple of other loved hobbies... ceramics and bowling). I wanted Niki to meet a lady like my mom and Ms. Fumi. Niki meets the sewing lady. In this book we see an obstacle that the sewing lady learns to overcome.

Eventually we all have things in life that we need to overcome. Some things are seen, and some are unseen. The sewing lady's obstacle was seen. I wanted Niki to meet other courageous people on Pu Beach, and she does. I invite you to meet them and I hope you learn how they came through.

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