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Future Writer & Illustrator

Aaliyah R.
Age 8

The Weakest Pull by Jacqueline Hortten



The Weakest Pull is the second book in a series of twelve motivational books for children. This book and the other books of this series evolve from a desire to encourage children everywhere to face life's challenges. It is also rooted in a heart-felt desire that together, the entire family will enjoy these colorful expressions of inspiration.


There's a wonderful building project going on in this desert land, and young Emanuel wants to be part of the action. He wants to help, but he's being told he's too weak. Will he ever get a chance to show what he can do? Come and see!




I dedicate The Weakest Pull to children everywhere. I especially dedicate this book to my son, Shohn, who at this time (1999) is little in physical statue, but big in character (where it really counts). God bless.

Behind the Book

I really can't remember my mind-set when I conceived the "The Weakest Pull." I don't embellish the thought of playing in the mud, and I don't aspire to work in the hot desert air. It's amazing that I have no earthly way to explain how I envisioned this story.

Even though I don't desire to spend significant time in the landscape of this setting, there is something about it that I appreciate. If you've read the "Behind the Book" section of "Pu Beach" or if you know something about me, you would probably be able to guess, what is that something. As it was once said concerning the California Gold Rush: "There's gold in them there hills!" Well, concerning The Weakest Pull..."There's a river in that there desert!" I love the water. I love the contrast too. Here, you have a dehydrated desert, and there you have a beautiful, flowing body of water. It reminds me of Isaiah 43:20... "I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert."

If I had to work in the desert's hot sun, what would be better then a nice cool splash on the back from a jar of refreshing water? The recipient, though startled, I'm sure didn't fuss too much.

I hadn't noticed the scriptural parallel until several weeks after completing the story line.

Jesus said... "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." Incidentally, the name Emanuel means "God with us," and in the end, look at the crowd of men that lift up this young boy.

This book, I pray, will be a wonderful esteem builder.

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